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A Guide to Push Scooters

Posted on February 4, 2022 by David Brown

Scooters were first known as a child's secondhand vehicle that dates back to before 1920. Although scooters were fabricated, the vast majority of older kids fashioned their own from miscellaneous used parts. Bear in mind the Little Rascal movies with scooters made from produce crates? Fundamentally, push scooters are very similar to skateboards with handle bars. It's a terrific way to get around fast with very little effort for kids or adults.

Drive scooters, sometimes referred to as kick scooters are operated by standing on the foot board and pushing off with one foot, while the operator holds on to a small handlebar. Since the push scooter isn't controlled by a motor, there's little opportunity for the user to get hurt from moving at a high speed, however the very same precautions taken and protective equipment that's worn by roller skaters and skate boarders, should apply to the operator of this push scooter.

Modern push scooters are made from lightweight metal and feature easily operating wheels. Competition among scooter manufacturers has resulted in unique design features like a handle bar that folds flat. Aggressive pricing allows for many versions available for as little as $10. Contemporary push scooters such as the pre-depression era scooters are primarily for recreational use or transport over short distances in good weather conditions.

Scooters can readily be found in the retail marketplace; however not all retailers can carry all styles. Major department or discount stores may only carry a few models that they believe are the most popular among their shoppers. Any style or brand of scooter can be purchased online for retail prices. The current market demand for scooters makes it tough to locate them at wholesale prices for a single purchase, but there are lots of opportunities for a person to become a scooter dealer.