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Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Next Pillow

Posted on November 17, 2021 by David Brown

The perfect pillow should be able to support the neck in the perfect position, routine replacement is also necessary also. Believe or not, one recent study found out that around half a kilo (about 1lb) of skin, hair and the microscopic organisms reside in old pillows!

Listed below are a few points you should consider when choosing and buying your next sleeping pillow:

1. Pillow Fills

There are only two basic options: either artificial or natural. Natural pillow fill is composed of feather, down, or a combination of the two. Artificial fill is made of polyester.

Obviously, you get everything you paid for. The most effective natural stuffed pillows are made from down and will offer long-lasting, comfortable and luxurious head and neck support. Feathers are also quite soft but not quite as fluffy as down, and provide firmer support.

Of course, if you're allergic to feather or down, your only choice is a polyester filled pillow. With current advanced technologies, some manufacturers of the fantastic quality synthetic pillows also offer the most supportive and reassuring, but remember to buy the merchandise from well-known manufactories.

2. Thread Counts

Thread counts is calculated by the amount of threads per square inch of fabric. Broadly , the higher the thread counts, the greater quality, softness and durability the cloth will be. Thread is going to keep the insert in position and keep out the dirt or skin stays penetrate in. Thread count is a significant element to think about if you would like the durability and quality of a cushion.

3. Sizing

The appropriate size of pillow may satisfy your body needs and decorate the total appearance of your bed. These are the verities of sizes you can find on the market:

Standard size: measures 20 x 26 inches, it's used with a standard size pillowcase. Your can use 1 pillow on a twin bed, two on a queen or full bed, two or three to a king size bed.

Queen size: measures 20 x 30 inches, it's used with a standard size pillowcase. Can be used the exact same mix on a bed as standard size pillow over.

King dimensions: measures 20 x 36 inches, it's used with king size pillowcase. King size pillow provides the best looking and stability when used throughout the top in a king size mattress.

Euro size: measures 26 x 26 inches. They are large square-sized cushions, perfect to support your spine and relieve stress on the neck when you're sitting or half-laying studying on mattress. They may also be used as decorative items when coated with a decorative pillow sham.

Traveling size: measures 12 x 16 inches. It's for the ease of carrying around to journey with. Have a travel size pillow when you will need some additional comfort and support on the street.

4. Firmness of your mattress

The stability of you mattress affects how you cushion will perform. If your have a firm mattress, then generally you'll require a thicker pillow. In case you've got a soft mattress, you might select a thinner pillow.

5. Warranty: a fantastic manufactory normally backs up their products with a longer warranty, the warranty period should be clearly labeled on the product.

When speaking about selecting a perfect pillow, everybody is different and will have different opinion. The important thing to bear in mind is to select the one which you feel comfortable with and support the rankings you sleep in the majority of the night.