Used Electric Guitar

When looking for a used electric guitar, get the most you can for your money. Some brands start out cheap, and by the time they hit the resale market can be quite inexpensive. Other guitars start out as high dollar, but end up in the pawn shop after only a few low paying gigs. The best thing to do is have your cash on hand, and go make a deal for the best you can afford.

When purchasing a used electric, a pawnshop is quite often the best place to look. Find one that specializes in guitars if possible-some pawnshops mostly sell guns, and have a poor selection of guitars. Once you see one you like, make sure you play it before you purchase the guitar. Try all of the knobs and bars and switches to make sure they are in working order.

When you choose an amplifier to go with your new used guitar, you might want to start out on the low end of the amp as well. Marshall makes a decent head, but Peavy makes the best starter amps in the business. Stay away from high end Mueller heads for now, because there is no reason to jack up your used Yamaha that high. It is going to have some issues anyhow, but this gets you ready to play a more expensive guitar.

Yeah, used guitars turn out to be Yamahas a lot of the time. This is not because they are bad guitars; quite the contrary. This is because most musicians start out on Yamaha, and hock them when they upgrade to something better. A solid price for a used Yamaha is around a $150 USD. Anymore than that, and the pawnbroker is trying to rook you out.

If you can find a great guitar for around $200, buy it. This is an 80 percent discount off new, and nothing beats a great deal on a used guitar. For acoustics, you are looking for well under $100 with pickups included. Acoustic electrics around the same price range as acoustics, but here again, check the pickups before you purchase.

Once you get a used electric guitar, you can take the money you save and upgrade your effects rack. Grab a chorus pedal first. This will help the sound tone out of your new used guitar have that rich and full sound. If you already have a chorus pedal, then a tube effect and a distortion pedal will be next. Keep away from the wahwah for beginners, as it is just a waste of money for now. If you can find a digital effects rack for cheap, grab that one up, and learn to program your own effects.

In conclusion, just about everyone who starts out on guitar starts out with a used electric guitar. Find a good one online, do your research, and then hit the pawn shop and make the best deal you can with the money you walk in the door with. This way, you don’t pay too much to start following your dream.